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Vanderbilt Football Program Leads COVID-19 Adjustments

Sarah Fuller Vanderbilt

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised complications across many aspects of our lives, causing us to make constant and sometimes unprecedented adjustments to our daily routines. As a nation and as a human race, we’ve all been dealt a similar hand this year – and the card we’ve all had in common is the risk of COVID-19. The way we separate ourselves is how we deal with this situation we are all in! Some of us have chosen to keep pushing through, to persevere, to stay positive, and this is such an incredible thing to see.

One example of this which has inspired us, in particular, is that of Vanderbilt University’s Football Program. What a show of leadership, perseverance, and determination! In case you hadn’t heard, Vanderbilt’s football team was recently faced with several players being infected with COVID-19 all at once, leaving them with a shortened roster and no kicker. They decided to ask a member of the Vanderbilt Women’s Soccer team, Sarah Fuller, to play as their kicker in games this season. And she said yes!

It’s important to note that Sarah Fuller is now the first female to ever play for a Power 5 college football team. Sarah is also just the third female to compete in the FBS, the highest level of college football. The other two athletes in this group were also kickers. Sarah Fuller has been named a Special Teams Player of the Week for her great performance in her first game with the Commodores. Congratulations Sarah Fuller! Way to persevere!

And to the Vanderbilt Football program, coaching staff, and entire team, way to persevere! We commend you on your refusal to quit, and your determination to find a way to get the job done! In such difficult times, it is important that we still do all we can and show ourselves and others that even in hardship or the face of adversity, we can still be great and have some fun along the way.


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