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Enjoy your chocolate…in moderation.

Enjoy your chocolate as long as it's in moderation--Encompass Healthcare and Wound Medicine, West Bloomfield, Michigan.

Enjoy your chocolate as long as it’s in moderation–Encompass Healthcare and Wound Medicine, Michigan.

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It’s February, and everyone knows that this is the month of cards, flowers and… chocolate! That divine delight which can also be the dieter’s most dire enemy. But do not fear! Simple moderation can help you indulge in that chocolaty temptation while staying within your target calorie count! Here are six suggestions to help you safely succumb to your chocolate craving! […]


Encompass HealthCare‘s insight:

Okay…we all have our cravings and for some of us it’s chocolate. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, that could be hard to resist. But should we?

The key to a healthy diet is moderation. This means including a variety of food groups in your diet, including different foods within these groups and allowing yourself the occasional treat. By indulging once in a while in a portion-controlled way, we allow our bodies and our brains to be satisfied.
We also allow ourselves the freedom to avoid “yo-yo” dieting. Rather than overindulging because we usually deprive ourselves and then restricting our food intake as a result, (and then repeating this awful pattern,) we are able to avoid games with food and just enjoy eating for the right reasons.
Nourishing your body is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. It’s what makes everything works. And who shouldn’t enjoy a tasty treat once in a while? A few pieces of candy won’t collapse the whole house of cards. It may even show you that the word “moderation” is surprisingly within your reach. You really don’t have to (and probably don’t want to) eat the entire box of chocolates.
So go ahead, this Valentine’s Day. Enjoy your treat. And enjoy yourself!


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