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Prince Harry Is Engaged & Dr. Bruce Ruben of Encompass HealthCare applauds!

Prince Harry is engaged; Encompass HealthCare & Dr. Bruce Ruben of West Bloomfield, Michigan comment

Prince Harry is engaged to Meghan Markle, the first divorced, biracial, Jewish American actress to join the British royal family and infectious disease expert Dr. Bruce Ruben of West Bloomfield, Michigan applauds! In a history-making move, Prince Harry has chosen a rather “unconventional” royal bride: a twice-divorced, Jewish, American, daughter of an African-American. 

Prince Harry is engaged; Encompass HealthCare & Dr. Bruce Ruben of West Bloomfield, Michigan commentSome might say this suits Prince Harry’s wild-child media persona. Others might say that Prince Harry is doing exactly what Prince Harry wants, making his own the rules, unconcerned of what his parents might say, and a choice all his own, made out of love, pure and simple–just like when Encompass HealthCare & Wound Medicine’s Dr. Bruce Ruben broke the mold by taking I.V. antibiotics & wound care out of the hospital setting in a tradition-defying move.

Well, two moves to be exact. Dr. Bruce Ruben of West Bloomfield pioneered outpatient intravenous (I.V.) antibiotics in 1990 and wound care in 2004, promising to offer the not only the same, but better infection and wound care as those inside of a hospital. Why better? Because they are delivered in a safe, outpatient office, free of hospital-borne infections and hospital hassles. Outpatient delivery allows Encompass HealthCare patients to get their I.V. treatments or wound care while staying engaged with their families, hobbies and work.

Unconventional. Non-traditional. A breaking-of-the-mold, if you will. But definitely BETTER. So say our patients who heal with 99% success. And not one of them has had an “office-acquired” infection yet.

Prince Harry getting engaged to Markle is simply another sign of the times in which we live: brave actions from the heart, divorced from public scrutiny and social media fear. It is just another example of drawing outside of the lines. After all, some of the greatest people in history did exactly that: and engaged their smart grey matter to make differences that really matter.



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