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Decongestive Therapies

Compression Therapies Relieve Swelling & Improve Circulation

Compression therapies are used when body fluids like water, lymph and blood are unable to flow back upstream through the veins or downstream through the arteries due to their pooling (swelling) in the extremities (legs and arms). This is called lymphedema.

When this pooling or swelling is due to faulty valves inside the veins or arteries, the patient is diagnosed with having venous or arterial insufficiency, meaning there is insufficient capability for the arteries or veins to transport fluids.

At Encompass HealthCare, we use the latest advancements in compression therapy including:

  • Unna Boots
  • Tubigrip elasticated tubular bandages
  • Top-quality compression stockings
  • Electronic Sequential Vasopneumatic Pumps
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

When our advanced compression therapies fall short of achieving a superior outcome, our patients are referred to expert heart and vein centers conveniently located in Ann Arbor, West Bloomfield and Lathrup Village, Michigan.  There, patients can undergo virtually pain-free venous ablation where a poor functioning vein is sealed off so that circulation can be increased through higher-functioning veins.


Compression Therapy with Unna Boot Gauze Bandages

An Unna boot is a special gauze bandage used for the treatment of venous stasis ulcers and other venous insufficiencies of the leg. It can also be used as a supportive bandage for sprains and strains of the foot, ankle and lower leg. The gauze is impregnated with a thick, creamy mixture of zinc oxide and calamine to promote healing.


Compression Therapy using Tubigrip Bandages

Tubigrip bandages provide tissue support in the treatment of soft tissue injuries, general edema and are also used for pressure dressings and arm fixation. Tubigrip is made from cotton with covered elastic threads laid into the fabric to form free-moving spirals. They’re manufactured in various sizes to accommodate individual patients and treatments.


Pneumatic Compression Pump Therapy in Michigan

Pneumatic compression pumps are designed to help move venous and lymphatic fluid up and away from the lower extremities when the vessels are impaired. Patients place their legs in special sleeves with built-in compartments that fill sequentially with air and then deflate to move fluids up the legs.

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