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For Nurse Case Managers

At Encompass HealthCare and Wound Medicine in West Bloomfield, Michigan, we work with nurse case managers all over the state of Michigan, regionally and worldwide, including those who are part of a larger nurse case management company and/or those who are independent. Because we are an outpatient office rather than a hospital, we offer tremendous flexibility for the nurse case managers’ and patients’ schedules.

Nurse Case Managers Are Welcome!

At Encompass HealthCare & Wound Medicine, we work with nurse case managers, Encompass HealthCare & Wound Medicine, West Bloomfield, MichiganIf you are a nurse case manager, you may have a patient with whom you need help in order to fully recover. At Encompass HealthCare & Wound Medicine, we work with nurse case managers and we understand your important role, duties and responsibilities as an essential liaison advocate for your client. We know that you need to access all reasonably necessary medical care and report back to insurance claim adjusters about your patients’ treatment.


Encompass HealthCare & Wound Medicine is a unique full-service outpatient program offering centralized multidiscipline medical and surgical services in a disability modified single site location here in West Bloomfield, Michigan.

Nurse case managers bring many disabled patients to Encompass HealthCare & Wound Medicine for infection & wound treatment, West Bloomfield, Michigan

Nurse case managers bring many disabled patients to Encompass HealthCare & Wound Medicine for infection & wound treatment, West Bloomfield, Michigan

Our office is uniquely modified to accommodate patients with high cervical spinal cord injuries and the consequential physical disabilities that might limit patien

t access in other outpatient settings. Our exceedingly large patient exam rooms allow case managers to comfortably accompany clients and observe our evaluation and hands-on management.


Our expertise is in the areas of wound management, infection, venous ablation, nutrition and more that can be found on our extensive website.

In addition to providing supportive documentation, a patient portal can be accessed to obtain all pertinent orders for labs, diagnostic studies, subspecialty referrals, and paraprofessional orders ( e.g. Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Orthotic and wheelchair modifications.)

Bruce E. Ruben, M.D. Founder & Medical Director of Encompass HealthCare & Wound Medicine, West Bloomfield, Michigan

Bruce E. Ruben, M.D. Founder & Medical Director

Dr. Ruben is also available on the phone, via internet, email, Facetime or Skype. He believes strongly in making himself available to coordinate all our mutual efforts on behalf of your client, so that each person can receive unique individualized care, safely and expeditiously outside of a hospital.

Dr. Ruben and his personally trained staff can deliver care in multiple comfortable settings including our office, your client’s home or facility.


Simply call 248-624-9800 and ask for Kitty. For patients with non-healing sores, self-referral is adequate. For an Infectious Disease consultation, a physician referral is preferred. Simply fill out our contact form online found HERE and bring the patient in to see Dr. Bruce Ruben. In certain circumstances, Dr. Ruben will see the patient at home, in a skilled nursing facility or at the hospital. Dr. Ruben lays claim to the longest distance home visit of 2,417 miles; he once saw a non-ambulatory patient once at his home in Portland, Oregon! 

What to bring with you for your client’s first evaluation:

Dr. Ruben strongly believes in the adage, “those who don’t pay attention to history are most likely to repeat it!” Please bring with you:

  1. Surgery reports
  2. Microbiology reports
  3. Pathology reports
  4. Radiology reports
  5. Most recent laboratory results
  6. Hospital discharge summaries

Nurse Case Manager Continuing Education Units (CEU) Programs

Dr. Ruben has a great interest in sharing his vast experience on multiple education topics that can be beneficial for nurse case managers who wish to pursue credits in any of the area listed below:

  1. Skin soft tissue infections
  2. Osteomyelitis
  3. Surgical site infections
  4. Infection control in the outpatient environment
  5. Non-healing wounds
  6. Burns
  7. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
  8. Nutritional support and medical management of protein energy malnutrition
  9. Health care delivery systems
  10. Non-physician reimbursement in today’s environment

Finally, we have our own in-house pharmacy so that we can readily dispense IV and oral medications to our patients. This allows our patients to get their medicines readily and speedily and to start feeling better fast.

Our outpatient facility is located on the border of West Bloomfield, Walled Lake and Commerce township in The Lakes Medical Building and is convenient to most Oakland, Wayne, and Macomb county cities.

We are honored to work with you and we stand beside you ready to meet your goals for you and your client. If you think you may need our help, please click here on our contact form, fill it out and it will automatically be emailed to us. Dr. Ruben will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your case with you and whether he thinks he can help you.



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