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Avoid Amputation At Encompass HealthCare & Watch Our Video

Avoid amputation, Encompass HealthCare & Wound Medicine, West Bloomfield, Michigan.

We avoid amputation by delivering the most sophisticated wound healing technology to our patients…all outside of a hospital, safely at our in-house wound treatment center.

At Encompass Healthcare, our patients have been able to avoid amputation because we have access to hospital-level technology without the hassles that hospitals present. Our sophisticated wound care technology includes treatments such as venous ablation, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, I.V. antibiotics, x-rays, special dressings and a home-like atmosphere that is anything but hospital-like! 

Encompass HealthCare is a comprehensive wound treatment center.

Encompass HealthCare is a comprehensive wound treatment center.

When faced with amputation, our patients are given choices and options that are delivered quickly and without delay or hassle. That’s because our office is open 7 days a week and is devoid of the “red tape” typically associated with hospitals.

Our patients are assessed from every angle with no stone unturned when faced with a prognosis of amputation. Dr. Bruce Ruben is an expert in infections and wound management and has been successful salvaging fingers, toes, and limbs in instances where other, larger outfits have recommended amputation.

With plenty of regular and handicapped parking right outside our door and a completely disability-friendly office, we have made it easy for all to feel welcome. Our patients are hopeful and happy.

Check out our video below to see one of our patients at the beginning of this process. So far, this patient has been able to keep his toe and live a fuller life.

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