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Patient Testimonials

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Patient satisfaction is very important to us and we are diligent to ensure that our patients receive the best care. Receiving feedback is one of the most important tools that let us know we are doing a good job. We do this by asking our patients to rate us across several dimensions.

“I would like to thank Dr. Matty(Madeline Smock) and the staff of Encompass Health Care. The care and treatment they gave to the burns on my right foot was awesome. By the time of my last treatment I kinda felt like I known them for years( I seen them for only a month)-thats how friendly they are. Thanks again!” -Lance K., Patient

“I give 5 stars across the board on all questions on this survey. This office is great!” -Thomas D.

Does Dr. Ruben listen to you? Does he take enough time with you? How did you experience the rest of the staff? What did you like best about our center? What suggestions for improvement do you have? It is through our patients that we learn how to be a better healthcare provider and not just meet the needs of our patients, but exceed them!

Watch this short video to see one of our satisfied patients:

 Here are some of our patient testimonials:

“The office is very informative, friendly, and caring.” -Blair G.

“I like the availability” -Carol M.

“What I like most about Encompass HealthCare and Wound Medicine is the care and the staff.” -Martha G.

“I give 5 stars across the board on all questions on this survey. This office is great!” -Thomas D.

“Amazing clinic! Will recommend to others!!” -Diane M.

“I rate this center as outstanding.” -Norman B.

“Good people with good hearts, who do a great job!” -Kimmie C.

“Dr. Ruben and his staff are the greatest care providers ever! They saved my dad and have always been there to help my family. Thank you Encompass!” -Kevin G.

“I could not have anything but the best things to say about this office! I was injured on a vacation in Mexico and my injury became severely infected. I went to a ready care clinic and was referred to see a wound specialist. I do not have health insurance. I spent a day calling all around and was pretty much treated as a second class citizen. The earliest appointment I could get anywhere else was 2 weeks. I had a serious infection in my arm, I couldn’t wait 2 weeks to be seen, I was literally scared that my arm might have to be amputated! I talked with Kitty at encompass and she got me in the next day! The staff was amazing and Dr Ruben took great care of me. My infection has been cured and I am back in great health! On top of that, I am sure they didn’t even charge me as much as they would have charged an insurance company because I was paying out of pocket. Great people with great morals!” -Christian S.

“Everyone is so friendly and helpful. I feel like we’re all “family”!!!” -Cathy M.

“I am so happy I went to Dr. Ruben for my infection. He was able to help me avoid going to the hospital and getting admitted for a few days. Kitty got me in to see Dr. Ruben the same day I called. The level of care that I received was truly amazing! In my week as a patient, I was seen by Dr. Ruben 3 times! Within a week my elbow is almost back to 100%.” -Douglas B.

“I came in to see Dr. Ruben and I was so scared not knowing what was going on. Him & his staff made me feel so comfortable and put my mind at ease! He even sat with me while I had a meltdown just to ease my mind! I ❤️ his staff and Dr. Ruben” -Shelley R.

“I am 69 years old, and have been a paraplegic for most of my adult life. For the past several year I have been plagued with bone infections and severe, stage-4 ulcers. For most of those years I was confined to a hospital bed at home or lengthy stays in rehab facilities. In fact, one wound-care specialist at a well-known hospital said I would likely have to spend the rest of my life in a nursing home because my wounds were so severe they were never going to heal. Finally, a visiting nurse recommended that I see Dr. Ruben at Encompass HealthCare. What a difference! I have been a patient with Dr. Ruben for a little more than two years, and my wounds are completely HEALED! I am currently on a maintenance program, and enjoying my new independent life including driving, shopping and going to lunch with my friends. I owe it all to Dr. Ruben and the wonderful staff and Encompass. They are the most compassionate and caring people I know — and they are my heroes!” -Mike B.

“They make you feel so at home you don’t feel like you’re at a doctors office I love the staff and the doctor…” -Judy L.

“HIGHLY RECOMMEND this place!!!! You will be so unbelievably happy you chose to go here! So professional, so helpful. Facility has every imaginable treatment you would ever need. Top notch equipment in their facility. Doctor is fantastic.” -J. Allison

“I had the most pleasant experience going there. The staff and Dr. Ruben were all very compassionate and caring. They took care of my problems and kept me advised on what to expect. Great job guys.” -Margaretha M.

“Excellent care, always looking for the good health and quick healing process of their patients. I was blessed I got attended by them.” -Maria M.

“Very personable doctor. Made the entire interaction comfortable and fun. Does not feel like a doctors office at all. The receptionist and lab techs were great as well.” -Austin L.

“I brought my mother here for a bad dog bite on her hand. The wound looked awful. The staff got her a appointment immediately. Dr. Ruben was wonderful. The staff were also great. I’m a nurse and thought this wound would take 6 months to heal. It healed beautifully in 5 weeks. I was extremely pleased with the care my elderly mother received.” -Karen L.

“I several months back cut my foot inside of a northern New York lake. The cut took several weeks to heal, and got infected in the meantime. The infection stayed for a few months. I did nothing about it as it got worse. The pain got to the point whereby I went to see Dr. Bruce Ruben. Through Dr. Ruben’s process, advice and support, and within 1 week, my foot infection in nearly gone. I should have gone to see Dr. Ruben months ago, or at least several weeks ago. I feel so much better now. Thank you Dr. Ruben, and his team.” -Dan K.

“Encompass Healthcare has the rare ability to combine professionalism with personalism. They meet high standards of medical competence and yet do not leave the questions or concerns of their patients behind. They are concerned with treating the immediate ailment and also in trying to prevent future problems. They make note of preventative measures such as good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. There is a family atmosphere that is welcoming and lowers anxiety. They assist people beyond simply clinical needs. The service dogs are a nice touch.” -Leonard O.

“When I came through the doors of Encompass, I was feeling rotten, near tears, on crutches and was horrified to learn that I had an infection following a surgery! However, the lovely staff made the next two weeks more than easy to handle and by the time it was over, I was almost reluctant to say good-bye. I felt like I had made new friends, was treated like I was the most important patient by Dr. Ruben, Julie, Kitty and the rest of the staff and WALKED out of there with no pain. I couldn’t be more grateful and will refer anyone to them that is going through a similar nightmare.” -Cheryl V.

“I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Ruben’s medical expertise and true compassion for patients. The practice of medicine is often stated as being both a science and an art and Dr. Ruben skillfully practices both.” -Robert B.

“I was an Encompass patient for more than two years. First…I am happy to report that I am well now, and that I owe everything to Dr. Ruben and his wonderful staff. When I became a patient of Encompass, I had been very ill for YEARS with stage-four decubus ulcers and osteomyelitis. In fact, I was told by another wound care surgeon that I would not get better, and I would likely have to spend the rest of my life in a nursing/rehab facility (this particular doctor even said he had another patient with similar problems who had lived five years after being diagnosed. I was shocked!). After that diagnosis, I spent more years going back and forth to various wound care facilities in the metro Detroit area trying to heal my wounds. At that time I was extremely ill with fevers, infections and weight loss. No one was able to give me much encouragement — or even hope. Finally, a friend sent me a newspaper article featuring an interview with Dr. Ruben and his Encompass programs. To me, Dr. Ruben is a miracle! His philosophy is to “heal from the inside out.” Dr. Ruben and his wonderful staff put me on a series of infusions and hyperbaric treatments. Everyone was compassionate and caring, and treated me like I was family. They gave me hope! Eventually, I was able to have my longed-for flap surgeries. As I mentioned earlier, I no longer have my ulcers, or infections or fevers. I have gained independence (very important…), and am enjoying my “new” life with my husband and family. Thank you Dr. Ruben and everyone involved in my healing process. All of you have been my miracle, and I am very grateful. I would recommend Encompass to anyone looking for help — and hope!” – Kathy B.

“Very friendly, efficient, welcoming. You think that you’re in a five-star hotel because your comfort and your condition is Paramont to getting you well and leading a very healthy Life. The staff is comforting and efficient!” –Miriam

“Excellent care, great service, state of the art equipment and very knowledgeable.” -L.W.


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