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“Mom, There’s Nothing To Eat!”

“Mom, There’s Nothing To Eat In The House!”
How many times have we heard our kids say this? Still huffing and puffing …

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Patient Satisfaction: It Is Not Just About Marketing

Patient satisfaction is a mantra here at Encompass HealthCare & Wound Medicine.
See on Scoop.it – We Care About Our Patients

Patient …

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Reading Food Nutrition Labels

Nutrition labels can be a bit confusing for many of us.
How can we decipher all of the confusing nutrition labels, numbers, …

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Giddy From Healing

Giddy from healing?
I’ve noticed a very specific stage in the healing process for most patients. The last corner is turned. …

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Offloading for healing

Offloading we means no pressure whatsoever.
Is offloading really important? Do you follow your doctor’s orders to the T? Or, are …

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