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Outpatient Wound Care Beats In-Hospital Care

Outpatient wound care tops hospital care for safety and convenience.

Typical outpatient wound treated at Encompass HealthCare

We diagnose and treat all types of non-healing wounds in our convenient, outpatient center located in West Bloomfield, Michigan.

It’s practically unavoidable. If you go to a hospital for wound treatment, you’ll be exposed to potentially dangerous bacteria and infections. They live in the hospital and they become progressively antibiotic-resistant there, too.

There’s also the hassle element of being treated in a hospital that’s certainly frustrating, if not as life threatening. If you’re like most of us, it’s just not convenient to be taken out of our normal lives and routines for in-hospital treatment.

That’s why outpatient wound care is gaining such popularity and Encompass HealthCare in West Bloomfield, Michigan, is leading the way. Here, patients can get all the great, hospital-level treatments and medications, but without all the risks and hassles associated with in-hospital wound care.

There’s an additional benefit to getting your wound healed at Encompass HealthCare in particular. Our practice revolves around diagnosing and treating the underlying conditions that stop wounds from healing. That’s a fundamental shift in wound care from the concentration on what to apply on top of a wound to what’s going on throughout the body that’s inhibiting the wound healing process.

So what’s important to take from all this is that you have a choice on where you receive your wound care. And, you only have to ask your doctor to help you choose an outpatient setting over a hospital setting.

If you or anyone you know is dealing with a non-healing wound, call us at Encompass HealthCare. The number is 248-624-9800 and we can usually get you in within a day. Plus, no doctor referral is needed. How’s that for hassle-free?

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