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Welcome to the Encompass HealthCare Videos Page. This is where you can get a visual idea of what we do here in wound care. Remember, it is wound care so some of the images and videos will be quite graphic. However, if you’re experiencing some of these healing issues, we know these short highlights will give you hope and encouragement to follow through on your own treatment plan.

Thanks for watching! You can always go to our Youtube channel to see all of our videos.

Wound Care Tip of the Day: Protein Shake–a prescription for wellness? 3/7/17

Wound Care Tip of the Day: We are a one-of-a-kind infection and wound healing treatment center. See why.  3/1/17

Wound Care Tip of the Day: Should Your Wound Be Covered? 1/17/17

Wound Care Tip of the Day, 10/5/16



Wound Care Tip of the Day, 9/23/16


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at Encompass HealthCare & Wound Medicine, 8/3/2016

“If Your Wound Hasn’t Healed In 4 Weeks,” 7/6/2016

“Once Upon A Time” in I.V. Infection Care, 6/28/16


Wound Care Tip of the Day, 6/22/16

Wound Care Tip of the Day, 6/18/16

Wound Care Tip of the Day, 5/23/16

Venous Insufficiency


Diabetic Foot Wound Prevention

An Alternative to Amputation: Toe Salvage at Encompass HealthCare & Wound Medicine

Contact casts are important for wound healing and they are quick, easy & painless to remove

Dr. Ruben’s Lecture to Quadriplegics:  Why Wounds Don’t Heal–Part I|

Dr. Ruben’s Lecture to Rehab Patients: Why Wounds Don’t Heal–Part II|

Encompass HealthCare Overview|

Traditional Chinese Medicine with Master Herbalist Dr. Guo and Bruce Ruben, M.D.|

An Overview of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy|

Why Choose Encompass Health Care|

Reasons Wounds Won’t Heal|

The Wound Doc, Dr. Bruce Ruben of Encompass HealthCare, briefly explains venous insufficiency and its treatment|

Encompass wound care associate Julia|

Wound Care Debridement Video|

Unna Boot Video|

Traditional Chinese Medicine|

Guo Teaser 2|

Rabbi R.|

Wound Care with Dr Ruben|

Patient “Jim” avoids amputation at Encompass|

We treat our patients like family|


Dr. Bruce Ruben, Wound Care Expert|

Kathy Part 4|

Wound Care Patient “Kathleen” Part 3|

Wound Care Patient: Monica|

Encompass Wound Care Kathleen Part 1|



Surgical Wound Infection Healed|

Skin Wound Care Patient Kathleen|


Wound Debridement Video (a bit graphic)|

Wound Care Lecture Part 3|

Wound Care Lecture Part 2]

Skin Substitute Application using TheraSkin|

Venous Insufficiency Explained|

What is refractory osteomyelitis and how can it be healed?

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