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Nutrition is important for Wound Healing


Nutrition heals wounds--Encompass HealthCare

Can nutrition really make a difference? If you’re wondering why your wounds aren’t healing, maybe it isn’t your wound bandage that’s failing.  Or maybe it’s not infection or any of the 5 main reasons that wounds won’t heal–the 5 reasons that expertly treat here at Encompass Healthcare in order to heal “non-healing” wounds.

Maybe it’s your nutrition that’s lacking.  A proper dietary profile helps to nourish the body wounds and is important for wound healing.  That’s where protein comes in.  Foods high in protein include smoothies made with protein powder, lean types of meat including chicken and fish, less lean protein meats like pork and red meat, and beans/legumes such as chickpeas, navy beans, edamame, quinoa, kidney beans, etc.  We know a lot about protein, carbs, and fats and we know why it’s important for wound healing.

Good nutrition is one of our mantra here at Encompass Healthcare, located conveniently on Haggerty Road, just south of Pontiac Trail in West Bloomfield, serving all Metro Detroit areas and more.   Our patients are evaluated from the inside-out and we make sure to consider nutrition in the mix.  We even offer our patients easy to make, nutritious recipes that they can make at home and we’ve gotten some rave reviews!  Call us at 248-624-9800 to make your appointment today.


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