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Encompass Healthcare Press and Blogs

Encompass HealthCare's Press & Blogs are informative

Encompass HealthCare’s Press & Blogs are informative

Encompass Healthcare press tells our story better than we can!  We have been featured in various newspapers and magazine articles, both locally and nationally.

Reading the blogs, articles, and stories told reported by different authors give our patients a lot of information on a lot of wound related topics. In fact, Dr. Ruben is a regular blog contributor to WoundSource, the nation’s premier source for everything wound-care! He has written several blogs that you may find very interesting, everything from how to heal burns with hyperbaric oxygen therapy to nutritional articles and why protein is important for wound healing.

Reading different authors’ stories about Encompass HealthCare’s services and patient experiences allows you to see our office through unique viewpoints. Coverage in national publications such as New Mobility, Wound Care Today, and Wounds International has skyrocketed Dr. Bruce Ruben’s new model of wound care, propelling Encompass Healthcare to become a pioneer in the wound institute arena.

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