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Cure your infection without exposure to more infections

If you want to cure your infection, don’t go where all the bad infections are hanging out.

At Encompass HealthCare, we cure your infection with IV antibiotics and expert wound care.

At Encompass HealthCare, we cure your infection with IV antibiotics and expert wound care.

Take your pick of infection statistic sources, the numbers are all bad.  On the low end, over 500,000 patients a year get an infection at hospitals that they didn’t have when they arrived. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately two million patients develop infections during a hospital stay and almost 100,000 patients die from these infections.

These stats are not supposed to make you wonder. They’re supposed to make you act — as in don’t step foot inside a hospital unless you’re in a lifesaving, full-trauma emergency or any other procedure where you may need life support. 

You definitely shouldn’t go to a hospital to get treated for an infection when you have so many healthier choices for safer outpatient care.

At Encompass HealthCare, we cure infections with IV (intravenous) antibiotics, advanced wound care techniques and hospital-level technologies in our outpatient setting. Most importantly, you can get your treatment and then go back home. Or go back to work, or to wherever you’d rather be instead of stuck inside of a hospital.

Compared to a large hospital, where there are many more patients with infections and healthcare providers working in close contact with them, we’re a much smaller operation. So there are far less opportunities for infectious bacteria to grow and be transferred among a large population.

We all know about statistics. Some numbers can be manipulated and presented to promote one idea over another. But when the numbers are this high — 100,000 people a year dying from infections they picked up at hospitals — why wound anyone go to a hospital when they can dramatically lower the associated risks in an outpatient setting?

Get cured. Get healed. And get on with your life at Encompass HealthCare and Wound Medicine. Call 248-624-9800 to make your appointment today.

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