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Barcelona attack in Spain shocks all at Encompass HealthCare and Wound Medicine in West Bloomfield, Michigan.

Barcelona Attack in Spain

While watching the Barcelona attack in horror and confusion, one has to wonder about this senseless act of terrorism that has left many dead with ...
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Encompass HealthCare & Wound Medicine treats patients like family, West Bloomfield, Michigan

Medical Office Bootcamp: Back To Basics

Medical Office Bootcamp: Back To Basics My left eye vision has been a bit blurry for some time so I decide to go to a ...
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Encompass HealthCare patients trust Doctor Ruben like Will trusts the Robot in Lost In Space

Understanding: Does Your Doctor “Get” You?

Does Your Doctor "Get" You? So I’m at a restaurant, about to order my favorite salad with a slight twist: I've decided to top it ...
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I Spend 90 Days Of My Life On Hold!

If I added up all of the time I'm on hold, I bet it would total 3 months. It's true, I've actually done the math! ...
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Sound familiar? Encompass HealthCare & Wound Medicine, West Bloomfield, Michigan.

“Mom, There’s Nothing To Eat!”

"Mom, There's Nothing To Eat In The House!" How many times have we heard our kids say this? Still huffing and puffing from carrying in 8 ...
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Healthy protein is important for wound healing--Encompass HealthCare & Wound Medicine

Why Protein is Important for Healing Wounds

What's protein got to do with it? A day doesn't go by that I'm not bombarded with information on the newest diet, the latest exercise ...
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Encompass HealthCare was designed with barrier-free 5-ft.-wide hallways and 48-in. tall walls

Providing Barrier-Free Treatment for Disabled Patients

Providing Barrier-Free Treatment for Disabled Patients One of the most heartbreaking scenes in Forrest Gump is when Lieutenant Dan is coming to grips with the ...
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A dismissive medical receptionist leaves patients feeling a lack of care. This is not the case at Encompass HealthCare & Wound Medicine, Michigan.

“Doctor’s Office, Please Hold”–Is This Patient Care?

Patients want care. They want to feel better. Most people who go to a doctor's office have a medical malady and they are usually scared. Going to the ...
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Some patients experience a loss of independence when faced with serious medical problems.

Loss of Independence: A Wound That Heals With Time and Patience

Loss of Independence: A Wound That Heals With Time and Patience Enjoy this blog about unfortunate feelings surrounding loss of independence, appearing in WoundSource and available ...
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